Hardcore Picture

It's finally here, a long board with the strength and response that serious riders want and flexibility without the spongy feel of most long boards. What makes the HARDCORE LONGBOARD TM so different is the way we have combined a traditional wood deck with a metal support plate. This new design gives our board strength and makes it fun to ride even for bigger riders, who normally could not ride a standard long board. Our biggest response has been from snow boarders who ride Hardcore Boards because it feels more like a snow board than other boards they have ridden.

Hardcore Longboards

Thank you for your great response to our new boards. When we started making Hardcore boards we never thought we would have such a great response from serious longboard riders.

Please contact me for more information or visit one of our sponsors.

Big Thanks
Mark "MOE" Moeller
CEO HARDCORE LONGBOARDS LLC. markm@afconnect.com